Minister Evelyn Femi-Paul – She is the Head of Administration of Grace Corporate, the administrative arm of the church. She is also a feisty, fiery minister of the word and wife of the Senior Pastor, and loving mother to their four wonderful children. With a warm, compassionate heart that is uncannily sensitive to the hurting, defeated, weary and fearful damsel, it came as no surprise that God chose to call and entrust her with TalithaCumi, a ministry dedicated to the  healing and lifting up of His precious daughters.

Through this ministry, countless women of diverse ages and backgrounds have found their way back to God’s non-condemning, unconditional love and are thus free of the pain, guilt and low self-esteem that are products of their difficult circumstances and unhappy past.  TalithaCumi, God’s Damsels Arising Unto Greatness, is the pathway God has made for every one of His daughters to live their lives to the fullest. The meetings are usually full of fun, total acceptance, compassion and love.

Minister Evelyn Femi-Paul is also the head of the WOMB fellowship, the acronym for Women of Multiple Blessings, an amazingly successful ministry for women seeking the fruit of the womb and pregnant women, serving also as a strong family prayer platform for wives and mothers. She also heads Family Life, the department that handles family and marital matters, and overviews Grace Prophetic Dancers, a department of hardworking, talented people consumed with the zeal to use dance as a tool of worship.

Minister Evelyn Femi-Paulholds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Benin, a Master of Science Degree in Management Information System (MIS) from the University of Baltimore, U.S.A and is a certified Image Consultant from the prestigious London Image Institute. An articulate international conference speaker, she is also an Associate Member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).