The Youth Church    

The Youth Church of Grace Assembly, under the leadership of Pastor Jude Chiemeka, is a ministry that serves as the transitory but extremely crucial place that young men and women need to pass through, between the lapsing of their teenage years and full-fledged manhood and womanhood.

Their membership is varied, diverse and extremely vibrant and colourful ,with the freshness and optimism that is the signature of young people with dreams and goals to pursue. It is a platform for self-discovery through the grace and mercies of God, who would have them know who they are in Him, and waste no time taking their divinely appointed places in His scheme of things.

The Youth Church is all about the early discovery of divine purpose, focus on the goal and achievement of exploits that would bring delight and glory to God. They are also very committed to the vision of Transformation of Grace Assembly, and to this end, they organize programmes designed with a mind to working their gifts, preparing and posturing themselves for their places of greatness and relevance, knowing fully well that they are the future.