Women’s Fellowship    

The Women of Grace is the Women’s Fellowship arm of Grace Assembly. Coordinated by Minister Evelyn Femi-Paul, a woman of prayer and great sensitivity, and run by a team of vibrant leaders, Women of Grace are sisters of all ages, occupations and giftings, functioning harmoniously under one umbrella.

These women are passionate about the call of God upon their lives to be Notable, Exceptional women, with a strong voice and a wide sphere of influence in the Church, Home, Work place and the Nation. They are called by God to be pillars of support spiritually, financially and intellectually, that when they speak, nations listen.

They are called to be achievers beyond the home; to become so accomplished that they have the ears of kings and are major forces to be reckoned with in the shaping of nations in every possible way, thus helping to fulfil God’s agenda for mankind. Women of Grace are driven by the vision of Transformation of the Mother church, and they are determined not just to emerge as shining lights for God’s glory but also, to become tools in His hands for the self-discovery of others, and to aid their emergence from obscurity into notability.

They several programmes through the year among which is the Women’s Renaissance Week. They also publish the newsletter, “Women’s Renaissance.”