Men's Fellowship    

The Men’s Fellowship of Grace Assembly is called MANifest. They are men of all ages and professions who come together under one leadership and vision, to live out their mandate from God as high priests, leaders, providers and protectors for their families and the church.

They absolutely subscribe to the declaration of the set man of the house, Pastor Femi Paul, that being born male does not necessarily make you a man; there is so much more you should be in character, integrity and your level of responsibility before you can transform from just being male to becoming a man.

The Men’s Fellowship is therefore committed to raising men who would take up the mantle and run with God’s mandate, until they begin to manifest as the sons of God in their families, work places, communities and the nations, holding high the banner of Christ and passing on the baton to the next generation.

As an end to their commitment to the Mother church’s vision of Transformation, the Men’s Fellowship holds several programmes in the year including the celebrated conference, “MANifest.”